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As a manufacturer and trading combo with 10 years of experience, in addition to manufacturing specific products, we also provide worry-free procurement services to make the delivery process smooth.

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We will describe our work in three main sections and we can go beyond that

Catalogs Quotations

In our current range of products, you will be able to quickly obtain product catalogs and quotations to help you with your project well.

Inspection Transportation

Inspect the goods ordered in China for you, complete the formalities such as transportation documents, safe and efficient.

Agent Procurement

Provide procurement of services of more products, save time, reduce hassle, and save costs.

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My name is Eason Hu. I have worked in an international manufacturer and trade combo for approximately 8 years, including product export sales, chartering and booking, customs declaration documents, and more.

Export trade and procurement agency are my goals now. I will sell some major products and provide procurement agency services to customers. I hope to establish a long-term and good cooperative relationship with you.

You can browse this website for specific details, and I will continue to update more content; You can also contact me directly, hoping that we can do better together.

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